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Your gift of $500 can provide: postnatal care for ten women for three months.women

2012 Care & Share CatalogDear Friends, there are so many needs and you want to help, but don't know where to start.  Please know that there are many ways to honor our Father and serve the ministries of the Diocese of Egypt. For example, you can peruse the Care and Share catalog (see icon at left) and choose one or more ministries to donate to. Or, you can read through the reports and newsletters that are posted on this site and choose a ministry therein, including those recently set up to help with the torrent of refugees (into Egypt from Syria, into Ethiopia from Sudan).  Or you can just donate to the Diocese of Egypt and allow the Bishop and his team led by prayer and the Holy Spirit to designate the funds where most needed.   

Blessings, Dr. Randi Wood, Chair, FADE 



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