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The purpose of the Friends of the Anglican Diocese of Egypt is to support the work of the Diocese of Egypt in fullfilling the mission of the GOSPEL.




Lord, we began this gathering with expressions of thanks for past blessings, and now having talked over the work we share, we want to end by thanking you for the good things you have in store for the Diocese of Egypt, with North Africa and the Horn of Africa. We ask your continued blessing for Bp. Mouneer, Bp. Bill, and Bp. Grant.  We pray for a renewed outpouring of grace to Rev. Drew and all the clergy and lay leaders of the Diocese.  Bless each congregation and every institution through which your work is extended. We pray, Lord, that you would give to all your people, not just the Anglicans, but those in every Christian church, the grace to face adversity with boldness in the proclamation and demonstration of the Gospel. We are grateful for the benefactors who support the work of FADE with prayer and giving, and we pray that you would encourage them to continue and increase their good work in Egypt and all parts of the Diocese. We ask that you bless all your servants in the Middle East with faith to find you closer than ever in the continuing social crisis, that their witness might touch the hearts of many who have become disillusioned with their inherited religion, and that more and more would come to faith in Jesus.  Thank you, Father, for blessings past, present, and future. Give us grateful hearts to follow wherever you may lead, for we pray in Jesus name.  Amen
The Reverend Richard Belser in closing the Annual FADE Board Meeting, November 2014